This is NOT your ordinary Softball Coaching DVD…

"Revealing Daring Softball Strategies to Wreak Havoc
on Your Opponen

At the core, softball is simple. Score more runs-win the game. It’s true that changes in the game and new bat technology have made getting hits and scoring runs a bit easier. But scoring more runs than your opponent, now that’s not always and easy thing to do; and producing runs is still a highly sought after skill.

Making Things Happen can help give you that edge…

If you’re gutsy enough to try exciting, unexpected, and unpredictable softball strategies, Making Things Happen is right up your alley. Learn how to…

  • Drive your opponents crazy with an unconventional, aggressive style of play they are unused to seeing
  • Create chaos and confusion offensively and defensively to frustrate your opponents and take them out of their game
  • Make things happen in your favor on the softball field!

Coach Sean Cotter is well-known for his crazy softball tactics that drive opponents up the wall. Join Coach Marc Dagenais as he makes Coach Cotter to spill the beans on how to develop an aggressive offense that puts a lot of pressure on the defense and puts a lot of points up on the board.

Learn all about Coach Cotter’s unconventional offensive philosophy and the offensive strategies he uses to create chaos defensively and force his opponents to make a ton of errors. Turn your team into one that is always up-tempo, fun, and exciting to watch.

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  • Use aggressive baserunning
  • Get dirty
  • Score more runs
  • and... Win more games!

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